Tool Kit Essentials for ADV Lovers

Dealing with Mechanical Problems?

It’s not fun to have a mechanical issue when riding. It’s even less fun when you don’t have the tools to fix that issue. And it’s definitely not fun when you are in the middle of nowhere with both of these problems.

How to be Prepared? Not Over Prepared?

The trick to selecting the right adventure motorcycle tools is 

Bring exactly what you need and nothing more.

But that’s like trying to guess the future. How do you know what’s going to go wrong with your bike? How do you know what will break when you fall?

Well you probably could spend some time reading a few great articles on the subject that really delve deep into the details, and then work on a list of tools to buy, and then compare. I’ve actually posted a link for you

We Have Got You Covered!

Riding & fixing motorcycles since the age of 6, I have clocked mileage, gained experience, and made great connections with the adventure trail community from traveling around the world on adventure motorcycles.

I want to share my passion for both motorcycling and top-quality innovative tools with this compact design below that is portable and contains exactly what you need, not more not less!

You Need Tools that are

Light-Weight | Compact | Multi- functional

To anticipate the mechanical issues that can crop up on a ride, pack appropriate tools that are light, small and serve multiple functions to address them. You also want to bring along a few items that can provide a fix for situations that you can never anticipate.

The Right Tools for the Job.

Compact Roll Design

Roll Design perfect for motorcycle adventure riders, fits nicely on your bike , light weight & easy to pack motorbike tool kit for roadside repairs.

    We believe in our products quality and we know how vital they are.
    Roll Design perfect for motorcycle adventure riders and long journeys where you may need an easy to pack motorbike tool set for roadside repairs.
    We design these tools ourselves. Do not accept second best cheaper sets from other manufacturers. SBV toolsets are the original and use the highest quality materials.
    ALL SBV Tools are made from the highest quality material: our bits made off exclusive material Hardness HRC 56-60 with industrial black manganese phosphate impact resistant finishing for anti-rust protection. Sockets and Spanners made off Cr-V (Chromium Vanadium Steel) Satin Chrome plated for durability.

Real Feedback

I’m loving it. It’s all you need. Complete. Compact. Light and easy to have it with you on your bike. Great to work with: Poplock with outer 16mm HEX and the MIT sockets. You get quality and lifetime warranty – what an offer! D. Thomas, Germany, Bavaria GS Enthusiast since the 1980s
Très bon produit. (en plus du service client qui a été plus que génial!)
Sehr gute Qualität!
Obwohl ein stolzer Preis, es ist Preis-Wert. Leider nimmt es etwas mehr Stauraum in Beschlag als ich dachte und das Gewicht ist hoch, aber dafür ist es komplett und wirklich gut. Guter Kauf
Fantastic customer service, my KTM tool set arrived in 3 days via DHL express! Rugged tool roll, everything looks and feels very professional and high quality.

I separated the tools pack as shown on the video into 2 parts and the weight balances nicely on the back of my 390!
Many thanks to the excellent customer service i was having a hard time changing settings on the digital torque adapter and they got back to me withing the hour. J.Groft USA, Austin TX

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