Extendable rachet Gear Bar 450 mm to 750 mm

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450 mmL to 750 mmL Extendable Rachet Gear Bar

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Extendable rachet Gear Bar 450 mm to 750 mm



  • Prying: Heavy duty equipment, applicable to Truck equipment, or industrial machinery.
  • Pulling things apart in many body shop applications
  • Aligning sheet metal
  • Removing molding


  • Adjustable head allows you to choose up to 8 different angles to reach difficult space area
  • Auto forward LOCKING rachet design mechanism
  • Exceeds ANSI requirements for proven strength
  • High leverage gear design provides maximum leverage while lifting and pulling back
  • Industrial Magnese Phosphate finish to helps protect against corrosion
  • Heavy duty Pry Bar with Extension feature extend from 450 mm to 750 mm


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