Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle No matter what your Age!

Motocross is a great way for children to start riding bikes, but it can also give them some very important life skills, help them socialize, build their confidence and keep fit.

Safety of both Rider and Bike!

Motorcycle safety for kids is especially important, as they are the future riders. We all know the enjoyment and pleasure that motorcycles bring to our lives- and bikes can do the same for kids.

Getting children excited (and educated) about riding and maintaining motorcycles at a young age can instill a greater comprehension of dangers and a better understanding of the need for road and equipment safety.

There are numerous articles on safety and precaution for young riders out there, but at SBVTools we believe new young riders should also possess a strong knowledge on how to perform basic maintenance of their bikes.

Learn how to use each of your tools.

Working on a motorcycle requires several specialty tools. If you don’t know how to use them, you could end up damaging either the tool, your bike, or both. Don’t be afraid to watch a video or two before you try out a new tool.

Changing the Wheel and Torque settings

Torque settings are a very important part of motorcycle maintenance that no biker can afford to overlook. Torque values are prescribed by the manufacturer based on various factors such as application, size, operating temperature and material of the particular nut, bolt and of the object bolted down.

The list of these values for your motorcycle can be found in your owners manual, service manual and trusted websites.

Watch The Video

In the below video Vincent (10 years old) and his younger brother Leon (7y old) are tasked with changing the Front&Rear Tires of their TC 65 Husqvarna. Careful checking of the manual and using professionals tools such as the Digital Torque Adapter & SBV Pro Mechanic Tool set makes this easy and safe!

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